Miku-Pack 02 brings a bundle of joy to fans of the VOCALOID star

Fans of the green-haired singing star Hatsune Miku will be glad to know the next issue of Miku-Pack is out and she’s brought some of her Crypton friends along for the ride.


The magazine Miku-Pack 02 might seem like it costs a bit, retailing at 980 yen, but it comes bundled with so many fun things that Miku fans are bound to be happy with it. Put out by Ascii Media Works, it features a CD with works by several VOCALOID producers, interviews and several illustration pages that can always double as posters.


The HATSUNE Appearance! Hatsune Summer Festival Caravan was in full swing last summer, and those who were involved with the ANGEL Project during it were interviewed for this issue. The concert series was unique in that in featured a MikuMikuDance model, rather than the standard ones ripped from Sega’s Project Diva games, which proved to offer smoother motions during songs. The model, called APIMiku was later distributed for public release by Crypton on the creators Piapro page.


Five Vocaloid producers feature on the CD that comes bundled with the magazine, and each are also interviewed in the magazine. The tracklisting for the CD, called Summer Clothes, along with the producers is:

1. Parallel World – Nem
2. Tsuribashi Effect – BoukariotoP (noa)
3. Pushing into June – Ou
4. Sunshine Over Mary Jane – HarryP
5. Nighttime Swimming – Tenioha

The CD is not the only thing bundled with the magazine, either. You can also get your hands on a new illustration that is part of the Happiness and Peace of Mind series.


Goods and interviews are not the only thing to be found within Miku-Pack 02. Specially themed Senbon Zakura illustrations are also to be found. They are there not only to look good, but to also promote the second novel in the series.


Apart from the Senbon Zakura novel being promoted, two new illustration books are as well. One called QUANTUM FLOWERS nagismo VOCALOID artworks will retail for 2415 yen and feature art from the illustrator most famous for the Meltdown PV. The other, called CUBE hatsuko Artworks will retail slightly less at 2100 yen and feature works by hatsuko, most famous for their Invisible PV.


Featuring plenty of Miku and a smattering of other Crypton VOCALOIDs, Miku-Pack 02 is sure to please fans.

Source: Dengeki News


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