Girls und Panzer tank cakes now available from Patisserie Swallowtail


tank cakes

Your eyes are not deceiving you. The cute tank cakes from Girls und Panzer are real!

If you’re a fan of Girls und Panzer, you should recognize these tank cakes from episode 5.

tank cakes a

Patisserie Swallowtail White Rose created these cakes in real life and sold them in their special booth located in K-Books Akihabara back in March, but they will be selling them again from June 20 to June 23, because these cakes are amazing.

These cakes come in two types. The first is Miho and Hana’s chocolate tank cake. This tank is 6 cm tall, 14 cm long, and 9 cm wide.

Miho cake a

miho cake cmiho cake b

Next is Saori’s lemon tank cake. This tank is 10 cm tall, 12 cm long, and 9 cm wide.

saori cake a

saori cake bsaori cake c

Each cake costs 1,575 yen, and Patisserie Swallowtail will make only 50 of each per day. Their booth opens at 13:00, so get there quick!

Also making a comeback are these Anglerfish Team macarons featuring super-deformed pictures of the main characters and their anglerfish mascot. Miho, Saori, and Hana are vanilla-flavored, whereas Mako, Yukari, and the anglerfish are chocolate. Each one costs 300 yen.

garupan macaron

But that’s not all! Patisserie Swallowtai is also selling this brand new St. Gloriana Girls Academy Darjeeling Tea Set, which includes three Darjeeling tea packs and two cookies with pictures of Orangepekoe and Assam. Darjeeling tea, also known as the Champagne of Teas, has a floral aroma and fruity, astringrent flavor that sometimes includes a musky spiciness known as muscatel. Of course, Darjeeling is also the name of the commander of St. Gloriana’s tank team.


As a bonus, you can also get these coasters featuring pictures of the main characters. For each cake you buy, you will get two coasters for free, whereas for each two macarons or single tea set, you will get one coaster. In place of a coaster, you can also get a tin slide case, with dimensions of 50 mm x 80 mm x 15 mm. If you can get to Akihabara, be sure to get your cake and presents as soon as possible!



By the way, these tank cakes aren’t the only tank-based foods inspired by Girls und Panzer. In January, the tonkatsu restaurant Cook Fan started serving the tank-katsu from episode 10. Here are some more food that weren’t even in the anime. What kind of tank-shaped food would you like to see?


tank crepetank sushi

Source: Patisserie Swallowtail White Rose,sgcafe


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