Get your fill of ‘One Piece’, literally, with the new ‘Baratie’ restaurant in Tokyo


baratie2Today, Fuji TV announced that they will be opening a One Piece themed restaurant on the seventh-floor of their headquarters in Odaiba, Tokyo. Fuji TV has been producing the unbelievably popular anime adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s manga since 1999, so I guess you could say that it’s about time! For the One Piece fans out there (and that’s to say everyone), “One Piece Restaurant Baratie” will open June 28th – less than ten days from now!

Obviously, the name “Baratie” comes from the ship-restaurant in the Sambas region where Sanji worked before he joined the Straw Hat Pirates. Fuji TV will place “Baratie” on the garden part of the floor and have the exterior replicate the restaurant in the show. The interior design looks pretty snazzy as well.


Staying in character, visitors will be greeted by Zeff (the store’s owner) and Sanji’s voices. You can also hear Luffy’s voice coming from the kitchen. The menu, which will be kept fresh with updates every few months, will feature food and drinks inspired by the characters. The anticipation is high – reservations have already been made!

baratie4 baratie5If you’re wondering why this news sounds familiar to you, it could be because this is not the first One Piece themed eatery. In Shibuya, there’s a placed called “Buffet and Food Bar 325″ which also features One Piece inspired interior and food. You can check out our previous coverage of that particular place here. Go to both places, and let us know what you think! Do they satisfy your hunger for One Piece?

Source: Crunchyroll,sgcafe


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