CeVIO creates free VOCALOID with new singing add-on

Fans of VOCALOID and it’s sister freeware UTAU will be happy to know another virtual voice is making it’s way on stage.

CeVIO came onto the scene in April and has been impressing users and updating since then. Originally it was created as a freeware artificial speaking program similar to VOICEROID, it has since added on a singing extension that should be familiar to users of both VOCALOID and UTAU as it utilizes a piano roll and note pencil for creating music.


The project originally wanted to create a program that could speak alongside a cute character, which was ultimately achieved in it’s original version with the character Sasara Satou. They also hoped that they would be able to have the voice sing, and with support from fans they were able to create a synthesized voice and face that is suited for both singing and speaking. With the newest version featuring the singing software released on June 14, plenty of people have taken to Nico Nico Douga already with covers of existing songs and new ones. Because the software supports MIDI file import and a UST (the file UTAU uses) to CCS (the file CeVIO) converter already released, most of the work lies in tuning Sasara’s voice to the song.


Her voice is tuned through a set of switches in the program that determines anything from how high her voice is to how adult it sounds. So far, preconfigurations loaded into the program include energetic, angry, and sadness. These configurations are especially useful when the script feature for speaking is utilized. Because it features a text to speech feature you can type full sentences for her to read, then set the timing on the screen with a simple click-and-drag interface. For singing, of course, you will have to use the single phoneme input familiar to users of other synthesized singing programs. As of right now only Japanese input is supported, romanji entry on non-Japanese operating systems causing the program to crash.

Sasara has proven to be popular, with her official character design showing off not only her in program appearance, but her box art as well. With the simple design, she already has MikuMikuDance models and fan art of her circulating the internet. She has gained popularity not only because of her voice, but because of the previous CeVIO Vision event held in January at Animate in Akihabara. While there visitors could interact and speak with the newest virtual star. Recenlty, on TV Tokyo’s ChoRyuHa program she has also been appearing alongside her users.


For those curious about the program and looking to download CeVIO Creative Studio, the official site is here.

Source: AnimeAnime,sgcafe


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