MUCC to do theme song for upcoming movie ‘Fuan no Tane’, a new single on the horizon

MUCC to do theme song for upcoming movie ‘Fuan no Tane’, a new single on the horizon


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According to their official Facebook page, MUCC will be releasing a new single this September. Although the title is not yet known, the single will mark the end of nearly a year long silence from MUCC since their last album, Shangri-La, was released in November of last year.

While this is definitely uplifting news, prepare for something on the freakier side. MUCC’s song “Kyorankyosho -21st Century Baby-” will be the theme song for upcoming horror movie Fuan no Tane. The movie will hit theaters July 20 and feature a remixed version of the MUCC classic: “Kyorankyosho RMX for Fuan no Tane”.

fuan no tane fuan no tane2If you want to check out the official site for the movie, click here. For a brief overview, Fuan no Tane (“Seeds of Anxiety”) is originally a graphic novel by Masaaki Nakamura. A phenomenal artist, Masaaki brings you scenes that are no less than chilling and haunting. Fuan no Tane features seemingly unconnected one-shots that play off of humanity’s basic fears, such as the faceless face, the unsolved cliffhanger, and the devilish infant.

Listen to MUCC’s “21st Century Baby” and let me know if you think it fits the scary mood of Fuan no Tane.


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