Go behind the scenes at Good Smile Company [video]

Good Smile Company

You’ve seen their amazing scale figures and nendoroids on this website. Now, if you ever wanted a good look at Good Smile Company, Miku Channel has you covered.

The Official Miku Channel on YouTube has posted a video that goes behind the scenes of the figure manufacturer Good Smile Company. The video is taken in their headquarters in Tokyo and gives you a look at their office spaces, where the employees work surrounded by their own figures, followed by an interview with CEO Aki Takanori about his passion for Hatsune Miku. The dialogue is in Japanese, but fortunately, the entire video comes with English subtitles.

For figure enthusiasts, there is also footage of the production room where the figures are actually molded, painted, and assembled, and you get to see the Yukata Miku, Natsutsubaki Version, being created. Of course, there are a ton of other Miku figures, as well. How many do you recognize?

For more information on Good Smile Company and their products, you can visit their official website, or just keep reading this website, where we’ll keep you updated on the fruits of their love and labor.

see this : http://sgcafe.com/2013/06/scenes-good-smile-company-video/

Source: Miku Channel


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