Aya Hirano, Ryota Ohsaka, Daisuke Namikawa and original ‘Gatchaman’ voice actor Katsuji Mori join ‘Gatchaman Crowds’ voice cast

gatchaman crowds 1

Earlier this month, Maaya Uchida was announced to play the lead role of Hajime Ichinose for the new Gatchman. Now, more than 40 years after the original ‘Space Ninja Team Gatchaman’ first aired in 1972, Ken “The Eagle” Washio’s voice actor, Katsuji Mori will be joining the voice cast for the new Gatchaman series, ‘Gatchaman Crowds‘. This time, he will voice  J.J. Robinson, the guardian of the Earth who recruits Hajime Ichinose. Besides voicing Ken Washio, he has also voiced Garma Zabi from the original ‘Mobile Suit Gundam‘ and Gemini Cloth from ‘Saint Seiya‘.


A stellar voice cast will be joining Maaya Uchida and Katsuji Mori. Voicing Paiman will be the controversial voice actress, Aya Hirano. She is best known for voicing Haruhi Suzumiya from ‘The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya’, Misa Amane from ‘Death Note’ and Lucy Heartfilia from ‘Fairy Tail‘.


Sugune Tachibana will be voiced by Ryota Ohsaka. He is known for providing the voices of  Haruto from ‘Valvrave the Liberator‘ and Maou Sadao from ‘Hataraku Maou-Sama!’.

gatchaman crowds 3

Jō Hibiki will be voiced by Daisuke Namikawa who is known for providing the voices of Waver Velvet from ‘Fate Zero’, Italy from the Hetalia series and Yashiro Isana from K.

gatchaman crowds 4

Also part of the voice cast will be Daisuke Hosomi who will be voicing O.D. He is known for voicing Capt. Ayumi from ‘Tsuritama‘.


Kotori Koiwai who is known for voicing the Hair Queen Iwai from ‘Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge’ will be voicing Utsu-utsu.


Providing the voice of Rui Ninomiya will be Ayumu Murase who has voiced Recon from ‘Sword Art Online’ as well as Patrick Hoyle from ‘Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince’.


Mamoru Miyano who is known for voicing Light Yagami/ Kira from ‘Death Note’, Setsuna F. Seiei from ‘Mobile Suit Gundam 00‘ and Death the Kid from ‘Soul Eater’ will be voicing Berg Katze. Completing the announced voice cast will be Sakura Tange who will voice President X. She is known for voicing Sakura Kinomoto from ‘Cardcaptor Sakura’ and Violet from ‘Dog Days‘.

The opening song for the series titled ‘Crowds‘ will be done by White Ash while Maaya Uchida will sing the end song titled ‘Innocent Note‘. The series will be directed by ‘Mononoke’ director Kenji Nakamura. ‘Gatchaman Crowds’  will premiere in Japan  July 12, 2013.

Source: Mainichi


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