Momoiro Clover Z to release 「5TH DIMENSION」 arena tour on DVD/BD


Momoiro Clover Z to release 「5TH DIMENSION」 arena tour on DVD/BD and the album on analog disc Published on May 19, 2013, by Az – Posted in Concerts, Music / Media, News 0 It has been revealed that Momoiro Clover Z will be releasing 「Momoiro Clover Z JAPAN TOUR 2013『5TH DIMENSION』」 on DVD and Blu-ray. It is set to be released on July 24. The footage for this release will be taken from their performance on Nippon Gaishi Hall, Aichi last March 17. The tour predated the album release by a month, with the album’s release being on April 10, but the presentation of the album tracks were considered a first. Momoiro Clover Z made use of special masks and presented the album from the first track to the thirteenth all in the same order as the album itself. The presentation guarantees satisfaction for Momoiro fans. 5TH DIMENSION Limited A 5TH DIMENSION Limited B 5TH DIMENSION Regular Moreover, the album, 「5TH DIMENSION」, will be released as an analog disc on August 4. Like their first album and first analog disc, 「BATTLE AND ROMANCE」, 「5TH DIMENSION」 will be coming in two collectible editions. The release date also coincides with Momoiro Clover Z’s biggest one-man live to date: 「Summer Dive 2013」, which is to be held in Nissan Stadium, Kanagawa. The stadium can hold up to 72,327 people and is one of Japan’s largest concert venues. A stepping stone to the group’s goal of performing at the National Olympic Stadium. The group just finished a successful 24-hour anniversary special on Ustream and is having a blast of a year with the digital version 「5TH DIMENSION」 topping the Oricon. If they successfully pull off the planned live in Nissan Stadium and reach National Olympic Stadium, it won’t be a surprise if they aim for Tokyo Dome next. Perfume’s Nocchi must be proud. source: natalie and


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