SCANDAL commemorates latest single release by selling own brand of Indian curry

SCANDAL commemorates latest single release by selling own brand of Indian curry

SCANDAL, in a collaboration with Family Mart, has started selling the indian curry 「スキャンだルー」 (read as ‘skyandaruu’). The curry is already on sale in Family Mart’s mail-order website,

Awanai Tsumori No, Genki De Ne

Apparently, SCANDAL themselves asked for this kind of collaboration and so it became a special commemoration product for the release of the single 「Awanai Tsumori No, Genki De Ne」(release on May 22) . Everything from the taste to the design is produced by the self-proclaimed curry lovers, who themselves eat curry multiple times a week. Thus, it becomes your curry in a pouch made with all the personal curry obsessions of the members – made how they themselves would like it to taste.

In the introductory video on 「スキャンだルー」’s special site, Mami (G, Vo) said that “it’s sooooo good, it might make curry shops disappear. You won’t have to go to restaurants for excellent curry now.” “It’s good even for people who don’t like spicy food, as I myself don’t like spicy that much. It’s spicy in a way that it won’t make your throat or stomach hurt.” said Rina (Dr, Vo).

Tomomi (B, Vo) also promoted with the packaging, saying that they thought of design that draws the appetite. “The curry is just the way the package says it is. Mild but with a firm spiciness. Deliciousness borne from the juicy vegetables. Yep. It’s good with anything.” Front member Haruna (Vo, G) commented as she closed the video, “This is a self-produced curry. This is OUR curry. So I would like everyone to please have a taste of it.”

「スキャンだルー」 is also having a special campaign. The people who bought the curry-in-a-pouch will have a chance to win a special curry plate with handwritten autographs from all four of SCANDAL. The pouch contains five servings of curry and is priced 2,625 Yen (approx. 32 SGD).

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